Bri Steves

Bri Steves is recording artist taking the world of Hip Hop and R&B by storm. Based in Philadelphia while studying at Temple University, she uses music as a means to share her worldview through the eyes of a college kid. A long time fan of acts from MC Lyte and Camp Lo to Marvin Gaye and Kanye West, she’s found that musical inspiration knows no bounds. With that same mentality applied to her own music, she’s determined to pave her own path.

Upon Bri’s decision to continue taking her career to the next level, she’s added auditory geniuses DJ HVNLee and DSGNR DRXGS to her team. Bri’s vision is to cultivate her craft and use her platform to empower young women and amplify the voices of those unheard across the world. This is only the beginning.


Late Night (Clean)

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641 610

Jealousy (Clean)

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