Cedric Ivory

Cedric Ivory, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a true product of the "Crescent City".  His musical style is a unique blend of intricate melodies interlaced with classic bayou rhythms, rugged harmonies, and uplifting second line drums. He began writing and producing music as a teenager with the support of his family and friends. Cedric honed his musical skills working as an engineer and a musician at his local church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he spent the majority of his formative years.  Since then, Cedric has continued perfecting his craft through schooling, interning, creative growth, and traveling to experience any and all genres of musical events.  The product is a multifaceted level of expertise and immense professionalism. 
Cedric is the epitome of "the man behind the music". He has extensive knowledge and training in production, writing, vocal arrangements, DJing, live and studio recording, mixing and mastering. Has worked with artists and producers such as Dee-1, Hamilton Park, Raphael Sadiqq, Jor’dan Armstrong, Phil Tan, Jazze Pha, Sammie, Uncle Reece, Angelina Sherie, and Angel White. Through his music, Cedric is working to develop the next level of thinking in musicality. One that not only educates and elevates individuals, but one that also teaches individuals to be themselves and live their grandest life. With the creation of The Blerds, Cedric Ivory’s goal is to develop great music, great art, and elevated experiences including food, lifestyle, and travel for the world to possess.


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