Supa Dupa Humble

The power you have once you realize your true potential is simply immeasurable. Supa Dupa Humble is a multifaceted entertainer that recognized at a young age that music was his outlet. It is how he touches lives across the globe, and how he will transform sounds and lyrics for many years to come. The legacy he is writing right now is one of compassion, hard work and resilience. Supa Dupa Humble is here to win, and also help those around him to do the same. The world will continue to feel his impact, and music will continue to be changed for the better.

Born in St. Lucia, and being raised in Brooklyn allowed him to get a fresh look at the world through well rounded eyes. The cultural influences have heavily impacted his unique sound, and his extraordinary focus. Not only can you hear his story in each song, you can see it in his work ethic. As a young child, Supa Dupa Humble saw his family struggle heavily to make ends meet. It was rough watching life be so hard for the people he adored the most. He assured himself he would be a provider for them all. These days he takes care of those that he loves through his gifts, along with his fans and listeners who find happiness in his songs.

Supa Dupa Humble started his career as a DJ right from the comfort of his bedroom. His hobby quickly became a promising passion. He began to make mixtapes, sharing them with friends and strangers, for free. He also started to broadcast from his home, quickly gaining global recognition. People from all around the world gravitated to Supa Dupa Humble’s sounds and skills. That was just another sign that music was his true calling. His name comes from his undeniable connection with music that has produced amazing sounds and unforgettable shows. Humble was added later to his name, and as an oxymoron. It describes Supa Dupa Humble outside of entertaining. Supa Dupa Humble eventually went on to intern for Mary J. Blige’s label, Matriarch Entertainment; while also continuing to build his expertise as a performer as well.

His first major opportunity continued to tie in worldwide recognition, with him unexpectedly being invited to DJ all the way in Tokyo. He was actually discovered by a fan who lived there, via Twitter. She had gotten one of his mixtapes and was instantly moved to help him gain more exposure. A party promoter was contacted, and just like that he was booked for a history making gig. The experience opened his eyes to his true potential. Supa Dupa Humble continued to create a strong moment as a DJ, until he decided to become an artist too. That decision was made to broaden his reach, and his talents. His music allows listeners to be worry free and feel good, while enjoying wonderfully crafted material. Supa Dupa Humble never allowed anything to stop him from following his dreams. Now his dreams are simply unstoppable.


Steppin (Clean)

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